How You Can Choose the Web’s Top Affiliate Programs

What does it mean for a program to be one of the top affiliate programs, or to be one of the top paying affiliate programs? The description implies that the top affiliate programs are just the ones that pay you the most for using them, but big profits are only a fraction of what makes a good affiliate program. When looking for a top affiliate program, do not merely consider how big your payday will be.

A Personal Touch

While looking at something that you consider as a top paying affiliate program, you should ask, would I actually use what the affiliate advertises? After all, even the best of the top paying affiliate programs will fail to make money if it advertises something your readers are completely uninterested in. Asking yourself if you would use the advertised products can give you insight into what your readers want. Further, if you really have faith in what the program sells, then your vouching for the services will be more genuine and more effective.


Your site probably has a unifying theme, some sort of trend that runs through all the pages and ties them together. Imagine that you run a site all about surfing: it has pages on surfboards, great locations to surf, and so on. Would it be a good idea to choose an affiliate that will advertise online criminal justice degrees on your site’s pages? Of course not; your readers want to see content about surfing, not irrelevant ads. So when looking for an program, do not choose one that will advertise things irrelevant to your site, no matter how much it pays. Your readers will not click irrelevant ads, and your affiliate status will be worthless.

A Test Run

Many programs redirect users to another site where the products are actually sold. Again, you must put yourself in the mindset of your users and ask yourself how you would react, as a user, to the affiliate ads. If you visited the linked site, would it impress you? Does it push you to purchase what it sells? If the site catches your eye and makes you desperate to buy, then it is effective at selling to its visitors.

Tracking Programs

Top affiliate programs use a tracking system. Every time they sell a product to someone who got linked to them through you, the tracking system gives you credit for the sale. These work by using cookies, which your users download when they visit your site. If the user visits one of your affiliates and buys from them, the cookie informs the affiliate that the user came from your site, and you get an appropriate percentage of the sales proceeds as commission. Look for the top affiliate programs with such a robust tracking system that function in an authentic manner clearing your dues as and when you generate leads from your website to end up in product sales for that company.

Choosing a top affiliate program necessitates one to expert a meticulous effort; and a mere tag called “top paying affiliate programs” should not coerce you to pick it but the factors that make it one, beyond doubt.

Research and find one such top paying affiliate programs for yourselves; you would not regret and it would pay off, should you conscientiously commit to this activity.